How can I learn more about ham radio?

What does ham radio mean? It’s the same as amateur radio, a really cool hobby for lots of folks. But why do they call it “ham”? Some radio buffs speculate that it’s because people involved in amateur radio back in the early 1900′s really liked talking, to and would “ham it up”, telling long stories to their friends when they’d meet on the air to shoot the bull. Ham radio books

What makes up ham radio now? The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has set aside some special frequencies for people to use for non-business-related discussion. People use these frequencies to talk to each other using a variety of radio equipment. Not only can you talk back and forth on these radios, you can also send text messages,
talk to repeaters, bounce messages off of satellites or even the moon. Some people have even used hand-held radios to talk with the International Space Station! That’s right – a person on the ground aims a certain kind of antenna upward, tunes a radio to the right frequency, and then can have a conversation with an astronaut who is also an amateur radio operator. Pretty crazy, right?

To use a transciever that functions on ham radio frequencies, you must take an easy test and then you’ll get your license. Ham radio books The first license, “Technician”, is pretty easy to obtain, and there are a variety of books, CD’s, and websites you can use to walk you through the Q&A which are all published already. Once you’ve reviewed the material and feel comfortable, you can take your test and get your amateur radio license.

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